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Highly efficient products and feeding concepts. Sano stands for quality in every value-added step.

It is our aim to improve the process for a healthy growth - from the feed to the animal right up to the people. We reach our aim systematically with approved and innovative solutions. Our well structured product portfolio has proven itself practical for more than 40 years. It offers a wide range of high quality products, which have been matched to the individual needs of each customer. Mineral feed, milk replacers, feed supplements and silage enhancers are known for their highly effective ingredients. They are embedded in scientifically sound feeding concepts. We offer furthermore a multitude of field-tested additional products for the animal nutrition and a professional operational management.

  • Premium Raw Materials - All our feed products are based on high quality ingredients. This way the animals can receive exactly the nutrients they need in order to maintain an excellent health and achieve a high performance. The environmental compatibility and sustainability is being permanently tested and optimized.
  • Latest Production Technology - Our production is completely computer-operated with a continuous reconciliation between the desired condition and the current condition. The employees of the production site make sure that only impeccable goods are being released from the production and make their way to the customer.
  • Highest Safety Standards - Safety creates trust. The subject has highest priority at Sano. We set very high standards for the occupational safety for our employees as well as for the buying process of the production and the storage of our products right up to the delivery to our customers.
  • Internal and external quality audit - Every production site consists of specialized employees for the quality management of the feed products. The optional certifications from independent authorities prove our high quality standards.

Internal and external auditors confirm Sano’s high quality in every way. Please find below an overview on Sano's premium international produtcs and services.

Compositions, ingredients and active substances can differ due to country-specific recipes of the responsible Sano Production Sites.

functional premix


Premix for beef cattle


For dairy cows at high performance levels

Mipro Pren®

In mixed rations for dry cows

MiproBull 250®

Functional premix for beef cattle


mixed rations for best rumen performance


Premix to supplement dry-period ration


Premix for good udder development and high fertility


For dairy cows at very high performance levels

milk replacers


The creamy milk with skimmed milk powder


Cow milk enhancement

Milli M®

The milk replacer with colostrum and optimal protein content for the first weeks

Sanolac LilaCitro®

The highly dissolvable milk with acid combination

Sanolac Startino®

The milk replacer for the Metabolic Sprint Concept

Sanolac® Sprint

The acidified milkreplacer for intensive rearing

starters & functional premixes

BoviFit® SC

Fitness drink for cows directly after calving

DairyFat C16

Rumen stable C 16: 0 fatty acid for more milk and more butter fat

DextroFat Protect®

Functional supplement for a long cow life


For stable and healthy hooves


Cow milk enhancement


Linseed and amino acids for fertility, more milk and more milk protein

Protalac Top®

Functional energy supplement during lactation

Protamilk Sync®

Functional protein supplement during lactation

functional supplements & additives

Kristall Hefe®

The rumen power package for more life in the rumen


Appetiser for rumen stimulation and activation of metabolism

compound feed


Complete Feed 100% for piglets

functional premix

Aminogold Forte®

Premix 2,5-3% with active ingredients for fattening pigs and young breeding sows

Ferkelgold Forte®

Premix 4% boosting growth in rearing feed

Mastsan® 2000

Premix for fattening pigs

PigPlus Spezial®

Premix 2,5-3% with active ingredients for fattening pigs

PorcSan Ferkel®

Premix 2% for piglet nursery

PorcSan Lac®

Premix 1,5% for sows during lactation

PorcSan Trag®

Premix 1,5% for breeding sows

PorcSan® Mast

Premix 1,5% for pig fattening

Protamino Pregna®

Functional Protein Concentrate 7% for sows during gestation

Sauengold Trag®

Premix 2,5% with active ingredients for sows during gestation

SUSan Ferkel Premium®

Premium mineral for piglet rearing

SUSan Mast UN®

The universal mineral for fattening pigs with a high content of lysine

SUSan Trag®

Premix 3% with active ingredients for sows during gestation

milk replacers

SanAmmat F®

Milk Replacer for piglets

starters & functional premixes

Bonni-M 3 Pellet

The candy for nibbling for suckling piglets

Bonni-M Forte®

Creep Feed for piglets made by milk

Fasersan Trag®

Premix 5% for safety in sows during gestation


The safe wearing starter

Protamino Matra®

Functional protein concentrate for sows during lactation

Protamino Piggi®

Functional Protein Concentrate 20-25% for best growth

Protamino Premium Forte®

Functional Protein Concentrate for fattening pigs

SanAmmat Puddino®

Mash for suckling piglets


Functional Supplement to boost energy in sow feed


Functional Protein Concentrate for piglets

functional supplements & additives


Functional Supplement for high performance and strong hearts

SUSan Booster®

Functional additive to increase the digestibility of feed

compound feed

Lemmi 100®

High quality lamb starter feed

functional premix


The special premix for sheep and goats

milk replacers

Sanolac Lamb®

The milk replacer for lambs and kids

starters & functional premixes

Protamino Lamb Grower®

Functional 20-25% protein concentrate for lamb fattening

Protamino Lamb Starter®

Functional 35% protein concentrate for intensive lamb fattening

functional premix

Big Egg 1,25

Premix for egg layers

Broiler Clinacox®

Premix for broilers during starter phase and grower phase

Broiler Sacox®

Premix for broiler fattening during starter phase and grower phase

Poultry Premix

Premix for finishing broilers, ducks and geese

starters & functional premixes


High value compound feed for egg layers

Protamino Avanti®

Functional Protein Concentrate 20-40% for broilers and pullets

Protamino Classico®

Functional Protein Concentrate 20-40% for broilers and pullets

Protamino Fino®

Functional Protein Concentrate 15-30% for ducks, geese and finishing broilers

Protamino QQRQ®

Functional Protein Concentrate 20-30% for pullets and egg layers


Feed preservative

Förster Technik

Feeder systems for Calves


Silage additives


effective drying and disinfection


Innovative feeding technology for cattle



The Sano bolus for prevention against milk fever

BoliSan® CELL

The Sano bolus for healthy udders

BoliSan® Eingeber

The practical bolus applicator for the feed in of 2 BoliSan® Boli at a time


The Sano bolus for fertility


The Sano bolus for the supply with phosphorus after birth

BoliSan® VITAL

The Sano bolus for long-term supply with vitamins and trace elements

Calf sodaLyte®

Optimum supplementation of energy and electrolytes in case of diarrhea

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