Ferkelgold Forte®

Premix 4% boosting growth in rearing feed

Product Features

  • Adjusted to Suggi® Forte 3
  • AromiSchwein® for high feed intake
  • ButySanProtect to improve intestinal health, feed intake and feed conversion ratio
  • Highly available mineral components, such as monocalcium phosphate, calcium formiate and calcium butyrate, with low acid binding capacity
  • Phytase to improve the utilization of phosphorus, calcium, amino acids, and trace elements and to decrease the acid binding capacity of the diet
  • SanAmin® to improve protein quality and to reduce acid binding capacity of feed and for high protein deposition
  • Highly available organically bound trace elements (OrganiSan) to support the metabolism and to exploit the maximum performance potential
  • StabiloSan® to boost resistance
  • NSP splitting enzymes to improve feed utilization and high daily gain

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