Expert Consultant Training

A unique training

Sano offers an excellent opportunity for their new employees and their professional and personal development. That way they can continue with the skills they acquired from their studies or job. Especially customers from the agricultural sector profit from our consulting services. 

We offer a 9 month long training at the Sano Akademie in order to become a certified expert consultant with regards to pig and cattle nutrition. Our training has an extraordinary reputation and can face the challenges of modern agriculture. The trainings modules (lectures at the Sano Akademie as well as training on-the-job in the respective region) work hand in hand. They contain scientific topics as well as the necessary expertise with regards to consulting, sales, rhetoric, presentation and the modern customer relationship management.

The training on-the-job will be lead by a skilled Sano Consultant and Coach. At the end of the 9 month long training awaits the academy exam with a diploma.

Sano offers a wide range of training opportunities and additional qualifications at the Sano Academy (for example as an expert consultant, a sales manager or a lecturer).
This training is very unique for the agricultural sector. Farmers are very pleased with the consulting expertise of the Sano Consultant. Every Sano Consultant receives an excellent training and a good preparation for the future job. Sano wants to invest in the future of their employees and takes over the costs of the training.

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