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Sano is a globally expanding brand for milk replacers, premixes, concentrates, functional supplements and silage additives for modern animal nutrition. With a growth rate of over 20% per year, independent sister companies in over 35 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America as well as eight modern production sites Sano sets milestones in agriculture. The unique Sano consulting concept is the key to success. Established in 1976 in Germany, Sano now employs more than 700 employees worldwide and continues to grow.

Sano - a worldwide network

Sano is a internationally operating feed manufacturer. Regular exchange of knowledge and experience between all production sites and country borders are the drivers for an optimization of all processes in the company.

This allows Sano to respond quickly and flexibly to countryspecific requirements and makes us better - every day. Benefit from the Sano worldwide network and become a partner in your country.

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8 Production plants
38 distribution companies & national representatives
40 years of experience

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Sano's Company History Sano's history starts in the year 1976 with the foundation of Sano-Milk in Grafenwald, Lower Bavaria. The main business of Sano-Milk was at this time the distribution of milk replacers. Later they introduced mineral

SUCCESS – Mipro® for a higher milk productionThe Mipro® product range offers a number of advantages that are needed for a successful milk production. Mipro® products increase the feed intake, stimulate the rumen performance,

Sano Veterinary Products prove themselvesThe healthy calf of todayVet Dr. Christoph Meis is convinced: “Calf fit® ensures an optimal start into the breeding phase. It prevents lack of iron, vitamin E and selenium – oral and not