Growing Healthy

Solutions for modern animal nutrition and a healthy growth

A healthy growth in the modern animal nutrition. We strive to ensure a healthy growth, in general and especially in regards to the modern animal nutrition. This is our daily aspiration and motivation. Therefore we go according to the following Sano Standards:

"Sano and its employees in all Sano companies and countries carry the global responsibility to make a valuable contribution towards the agricultural industry. The aim is to develop the animal nutrition, animal health and the well-being worldwide and for the benefit of the nature, mankind and animals daily in a positive direction.”

Our actions and thoughts go according to these values and lead the future of our partnership with farmers, vets, trade partners and the society. Our aspiration can be identified in four different action fields.

  • Agriculture: A healthy agriculture needs healthy and productive animals. We are an experienced consultant and producer of highly effective products for animal nutrition and we lay the foundation for an economic success of our clients and a healthy growth of their business.
  • Animal: We develop innovative and adequate feeding concepts, scientifically sound and in close collaboration with farmers and vets.  They allow a healthy growth for the animals in every life and performance period.
  • Human: With a healthy supply of the animals we can contribute towards a healthy nutrition of the people. This is how we make our contribution towards the global food situation.
  • Environment: Social diligence and an environmental common sense - these are the "ingredients" to preserve the nature in a healthy way. We obligate ourselves towards the protection of the environment and the resource efficiency. Make more from less - this is the aim of a healthy growth.

We work according to the holistic view and combine the agricultural needs with the needs of the modern animal nutrition.

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