Staff Development

A guaranteed progress in the company

Due to the fast development of the agricultural sector our customers are in need of consultations. Therefore it is our employees aim to develop further. Staff development has a high significance within the Sano business culture.

The Sano Akademie provides high-quality training for our Sano employees and ensures a permanent development of their skills.

We offer different careers:

  • Special Expert Consultants and Management Positions: Successful consultants with a profound agricultural knowledge have the opportunity to gain an additional qualification as a subject expert with a selected focus (for example a profitable milk production, hoof health, etc.). On top of that they have an extensive knowledge about business administration, the optimization of the rations as well as the ability to create an ambitious feeding concept.
  • Mentoring Program: Sano‘s mentoring program offers excellent opportunities for special expert consultants. With this program they can extend their own ability to perform in the field of mentoring and coaching. They can accompany the expert consultants on their road of success and use the mentoring program as a steppingstone for a specialists or management career.
  • Management Training Program: We offer successful consultants the opportunity to develop themselves towards a management position. It is a customized development program based on a potential and expertise analysis that includes all important aspects of a management position. After  a successful taking possession from the own sales area with managerial responsibility the Sano Akademie transfer several topics (for example successful area management, how to gain and lead staff or sales management)
  • Training Manager: Experienced Sano Consultants can study further to become a training manager. External speakers talk about presentation and rhetorical skills.

Regular academy meetings, national and international, guarantee a high level of education across all borders.

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