Theory meets Experience

Farmers and Vets

More than two-thirds of the farmers and vets exchange information with co-workers and search for advice and suggestions regarding important topics such as animal nutrition or management. The Sano Akademie offers symposiums and seminars with an excellent exchange of experience. The seminars for the agricultural sector show a practical and effective approach. This is due to the theoretical and practical side. The acquired knowledge can then be implemented in the operational business. 

Future-oriented farms receive innovative suggestions and methods and are able to work in a profitable way. Successful managers and vets always focus on the performance of their animals and try to increase it. Thus, innovative products and concepts in conjunction with a further training are rated very high.

The Sano Akademie would like to support you and offers the following topics:

  • Ideal feeding and feeding strategies
  • Animal farming and animal health 
  • Future-orientated operational management 
  • Modern herd management
  • Cost-effective rations

It is our aim to equip our practitioners with the current state of science and research in order to set them up for their daily job. 

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