The Sano Consulting Concept

A qualified consultation and analysis

The unique Sano Consulting Concept combines the experience and expert knowledge from the farmer, the feed consultant and the vet. It pursues the goal, to optimize the health and performance of the animals as well as the business related matters of our customers in the long run. We help our customers where ever we can. We analyse the individual requirements of the business and develop a personalized feed strategy. 

In 7 steps to a healthy growth

  1. At the beginning the farmer discusses and sets his goals with the Sano Consultant.
  2. Then follows a performance analysis. After that the Sano Consultant takes the current state analysis in regards to the feeding, the handling and the performance into consideration.
  3. The Sano Consultant evaluates the information and develops a unique, target-oriented and holistic business and feeding strategy.
  4. The Sano Consultant then presents the developed plan and the perfect feeding strategy for the farm.
  5. After that the farmer starts to implement the Sano Feeding Concept with the feeding consultant - with pleasure also together with the vet.
  6. The results need to be permanently controlled in order to achieve a long term success.
  7. It is important to implement corrections when differences to the actual aim occur.

Our customers benefit from our long-standing experience and the know-how about the worldwide development in the agricultural business. Our global knowledge network increases the consultation expertise on site and lays the foundation for the future growth.

The Sano consulting concept for cattle

Every animal goes through different phases of life and performance. The expected production and health success is directly influenced by the fulfilment of the animal´s needs in each individual phase. For example, the cow´s milk yield is heavily influenced by the way calves and young cattle were reared. Again fertility, the incidence of milk fever and the performance during the next lactation depends on the dry cow feeding. To meet the animal´s needs in the current phase of life and performance and to prepare them extensively for coming phases, Sano developed special feeding concepts.

The Sano consulting concept for swine

The valuable lean meat content of fattening pigs depends on how the pregnant sow is fed, because the number of muscles is already determined in the womb. After the birth, the lean meat content continues to be determined by the development of the piglet and its daily weight gain. Later, in the finishing, it is important not to allow the animals to become obese but, at the same time, allow them to grow quickly and to slaughter at the right time, in order to achieve the optimum percentage of lean meat. This example again simplifies the interactions that exist between each individual phase of life and performance. Successful piglet and quality meat production is therefore only possible if the needs of the animals are optimally met in the various phases of life and performance. To meet these demands Sano developed special feeding concepts.

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