About Sano

Solutions for modern animal nutrition and a healthy growth

Sano provides farmers with a 40-year old experience and competence in the field of modern animal nutrition. We are well prepared for the global challenges in the agricultural industry and offer an important contribution towards a healthy growth with efficient products, an experienced consultancy and advanced research. Our Sano Animal Experts ensure an individual and unique consulting concept according to the individual needs of the farmer. Our duty towards the customer and the animals as well as the improvement of the costs, care and production of the business remain as a focus. Our customers get accessibility to our worldwide market know-how and feed concepts. This is due to the academic perception and the certified experience from the Sano Agrar Institute. The Sano products stand for high quality animal feed and efficient ingredients.

We at Sano make it our mission to feed animals and therefore people in a healthy way and we want to contribute towards the agricultural future in a sustainable way. That is why Sano stands for a healthy growth, in every farm, worldwide.

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