Sano Agrar Institute

Future-orientated research and development

Sano stands for a future-orientated research as well as experience-orientated products and feeding concepts according to the slogan “From experience for experienced operations”.


The Sano Agrar Institute stands for a certified practicality. We develop innovative and easy applicable products and concepts for every life and performance stage of the live stock together with scientist and practitioners from all over the world. We have acquired a lead in knowledge with the obtained perceptions from the Agrar Institute and our years of experience in the area of research and development. We are able to use this knowledge in our current and future challenges in the agricultural industry and help to shape the market as an innovative leader in a proactive way.

Experience-orientated - The Sano Agrar Institute is a fully adequate agricultural holding with an agricultural area of 2000 hectare and 1500 dairy cows with offspring. The model operation for farmers shows with an example on how to implement the Sano Concept in a successful way.

  • Innovative - Sano products are always "up to date". Our product range is always being tested and improved. Valuable perceptions for new and improved products are being obtained directly from the institute. This is how our customers can profit from our innovations when it comes to raw materials, processes and feeding technologies.
  • Holistic - The Sano Agrar Institute develops and checks various products and solutions for animal nutrition. A core element is the holistic view on feed products, technical solutions, services and resources for a healthy growth within the operation.
  • Successful - Worldwide. Successful and persuasive products establish themselves within the global competition. Farmers from more than 35 countries entrust us with their economic success. We demonstrate our ability as a global market leader with regards to the modern animal nutrition on a daily basis. We stand for outstanding products, delivery terms and comprehensive services in regards to animal nutrition worldwide with eight production sites as well as more than 35 distribution sites and international agencies. 

Our customers gained due to the global expansion access to experienced market know-how, premium raw materials and the latest feeding concepts. We always watch out for a balanced proportion between resources, effort and revenue. That is how you can achieve a healthy growth.

Calf rearing farm

It all starts with a great calf development because only strong and healthy calves will be able to develop into tomorrow’s high-yielding cow. At the Sano Agrar Institute calf rearing starts in individual cubicles. Each calf can use in its cubicle three buckets.  One is for milk replacer, one filled with water and one provides the feed. During extreme weather conditions the calves are protected by a tent hall. After the first months the calves are reared in groups in a spacious modern barn where they get used to TMR feed. Investing in heifers is vital because they will determine the quality of the herd in a few years’ time. Here at the Sano Agrar Institute heifers receive only high-quality feed and are housed on best conditions. Thanks to good feeding management and excellent rearing conditions the heifers reach at 13 months of life a body weight of 380 kg and are ready for service. In order to benefit of an optimal timing of estrus, heifers are fitted with heat detection devices that measure the heifer´s walking, resting and standing activity.

Dairy farm

The dairy farm has about 1.200 dairy cows, producing a yield of ca. 12.000 kg. Automatic cow brushes care for the cow´s body, enhance the cows well-being and are used with pleasure. Brushes not only feel good but also prevent parasites and contribute to an increased milk yield. Plenty of light, fresh air, water, high quality feed and concentrates guarantee success in the Sano Agrar Institute livestock farming. At the Sano Agrar Institute we are especially proud of our dry cow barn.  A simple construction, a wide feed alley and a wide passage way to walk make the modern barn. Dry cows need special care because the first day of drying off is the first day of lactation. Cows seek silence before calving. The spacious and comfortable calving pens are in a quiet and 24h video monitored location with a constant supply of fresh water. Within the first hour of calving the calves receive high quality colostrum, containing all the necessary antibodies to guarantee health and maximum protection. The calving cow receives immediately BoviFit, the fitness drink for cows directly after calving.

Modern crop production

We grow 1.744 ha of maize, grass, sugar beet, cereals and winter rape. At the Sano Agrar Institute we grow 300 ha of special kinds of grasses that are particulary suitable for use in silage for cows and heifers. The grass harvest as well as the maize harvest is both fully mechanized. As a result maize can be silaged within a few days and different varieties of maize with different ripening times can be produced.  500 ha are used to grow cereals, namely winter wheat.

Feeding technology

For feeding we use Santrak - a self-propelled feed mixer wagon, produced at Mayer Maschinenbaugesellschaft mbH in Tittmoning. The feed mixer wagon weights, mixes, dispense and transports. Compact construction, maneuverable three point chassis, high performance silage cutter and an economic turbo diesel engine are the main features of this self-propelled wagon which is efficient, time-saving and which delivers an excellent feed structure.

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