Terms of payment, sale and delivery

Sano – Moderne Tierernährung GmbH, Grafenwald 1, D – 84180 Loiching


1. With this order the buyer accepts the payment, sales and delivery conditions of the seller. The offers are non-binding.

2. Invoices need to be paid within 10 days from the invoice date without any deduction. Alternatively, the buyer can give the seller a SEPA basic mandate. The collection of the debit order takes place 8 days after the invoice date with a 1 % discount. The deadline for the pre-notification will be reduced by 5 days. The buyer guarantees to ensure that his account will be covered. The buyer needs to cover all costs that occur due to a non-payment or a chargeback as long as this didn’t occur due to the seller. The compliance with the payment targets and their delay goes according to the legal regulations.

3. The euro-pallets delivered from the seller are not included in the purchasing price. Should the pallets not be returned, they will be charged.

4. The goods will be delivered under the reservation of ownership. An extended reservation of ownership applies. The goods will be property of the seller until the full amount has been paid. The buyer has the right to sell or use the goods. If the goods have been sold, the claims resulting from this sale fall back to the seller until the goods have been paid in full. The access by a third party on the delivered goods while being under the reservation of ownership needs to be communicated with the seller. Should the goods have been partially or fully used and the buyer cannot fulfil his payment commitments, the animals that have been fed with the product belong to the seller for the interim.

5. Goods deliveries occur immediately after the incoming order with the seller. Acts beyond control will release the seller from his duty to deliver. It is the buyer’s responsibility to offload the delivered goods from the seller. The buyer needs to check the goods immediately for shortages, defects or damages. If one of these cases apply, the shortages, defects or damages have to be marked on the delivery note. Otherwise the seller cannot replace the goods. The delivery note has to be signed by the buyer and the freight carrier. Delayed shortages, defects or damages cannot be considered.

6. The place of delivery for the seller is written on the front page. The seller’s responsible local court applies for both parties as a place of jurisdiction. The place of jurisdiction is responsible for the implementation of the legal default action and this consists of the jurisdiction regulation of the responsible legal authorities and the local obligation of submission of the default actions.

7. The local legal regulations are responsible for the enforcement of the complaints and their corrections.

8. The payment, sales and delivery conditions are valid for all conventional, electronic and telephonic orders or orders made by other means of communication and will be acknowledge with every new order from the seller. The payment, sales and delivery conditions also count if there is a contractual foundation of the co-operation or a written acknowledgement of the payment, sales and delivery conditions. Any regulations that differ from the payment, sales and delivery conditions need to be in writing to be acknowledged.

9. The seller ensures to handle the buyer’s data confidential. The data will only be used within the data protection regulations. With this order the buyer agrees that his information will be saved and used for the goods delivery as well as for the settlement of the account. They can also be given to instructed service providers. A disclosure of the buyer’s information and data to third parties, which are not involved within the delivery of the goods, will not occur. You have the right to withdraw your approval towards the handling of the data with immediate effect.

10. The severability clause: Should any phrases of these payment, sales and delivery conditions be invalid or ineffective, the legal regulation will take place. The effectiveness of the other rules will not be affected by the ineffectiveness of single phrases.


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