Sano Company Values

5 values identify our strength

As an internationally operating company we set our focus on the community and take care of the moral values that shape our daily actions.

  • Friendship - A real friend is someone who you can easily rely on, in good and in bad times. This is our aspiration for the collaboration with employees, partners and customers. We are on hand with help and advice - for a joint success.
  • Commitment - To exceed expectations, to surprise customers in a positive way - this is what performance means for us. We set very high standards to ourselves in order to improve a little bit more every day, to optimize the efficiency of our products and to thrill our customers.
  • Bravery - Every day we rise to new challenges, small and big ones. Energetic, determined and brave - that is how we make our decisions and explore new avenues. We accept new challenges on a daily basis and grow together.
  • Appreciation - An honest collaboration, openness for other cultures and a responsible contact with the resources shape our thoughts and actions. And yet we respect other people’s opinions and interact in a respectful manner with each other.
  • Holism - We always have the bigger picture in mind. This is how we achieve success and satisfaction as a team. For this vision you need productivity in all areas as well as an encouragement of the individual strengths and the individual development of each person.

These are the pillars for our vision. That is how we pursue a healthy growth in the modern animal nutrition in a successful and fair way.

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