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The healthy calf of today

Vet Dr. Christoph Meis is convinced: “Calf fit® ensures an optimal start into the breeding phase. It prevents lack of iron, vitamin E and selenium – oral and not with the help of injections. This is less stressful for the calves and the risk of a shock caused by accidental injections into the vessels is no longer a threat. Calf fit® also gets administered in a natural way and does not interfere with nature.

Why I recommend Calf digest® to my farmers? If the calves are reluctant to suck or have diarrhea, Calf digest® is the ideal solution to raise the pH-value of the blood, to stabilize the intestinal flora and to maintain the vitality of weak calves. Only healthy calves grow into healthy cows with a full potential”, is the conclusion of the expert.

Even sick calves drink

The veterinary practice “an der Güterstrasse” employs 16 vets for livestock. Vet Andre Hünting, one of the shareholders, relies on Calf digest® since he implemented the product: “When calves have diarrhea they need to continue drinking, this is our aim. We only receive good feedback on Calf digest® from the farmers. They state that the usage of Calf digest® is very easy and that the milk intake is very good, even when the calves have diarrhea. It is very important to act immideately when the first indications occur and not to hesitate. Another advantage of Calf digest®: The contained lactic acid bacteria rebuild the intestinal flora. How does the future for the vets look like? Especially the herd health monitoring and regular consultations regarding a better animal health and economic success are very important for Andre Hüting: “The aim is to reduce the usage of antibiotics. That’s why it is so crucial to give a good diagnosis – you can even work in a more accurate way. ”, explains the experienced animal practitioner.

The “all-in-one”-combination

The calves from the family Wallrichs in Remels, Lower Saxony, had bad start into the drinking phase – although Gerd Wallrichs supplies his calves with iron from an early stage. The compound only consisted of iron – without trace elements or vitamins. The product was administered through an injection. “Then my vet recommended Calf fit®”, says Gerd Wallrichs. The combination of an organic iron in the form of glycinate as well as vitamin E with selenium promotes the health and vitality of the calves. “The application is easy and only one bolus is needed. Calf fit® helps my calves get more resistant in the first weeks and to stay fit. Even diarrhea decreased“, says the happy farmer about his success.

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