An increased milk production by five litres

The farm Mehtić is situated in the northwest of Bosnia Herzegovina. The farmer has restructured his dairy cows, young cattle and calves with the help of a business analysis. Since 2011 he is working together with the Sano Special Consultant Matijaš Miroslava. At the moment he has 34 cows in his barn. Hasan Mehtić relies on the Simmental cattle.

Just a simple recommendation

The business uses different Sano Products for more than 5 years. The first contact with Sano was established through a farmer from Bosanska Krupa. At the first meeting Hasan Mehtić defined his business goals with the Sano Consultant. Especially the milk production had to be increased. During the first visit the farmer did a tour with the Sano Consultant. They also visited the silo. This is where the farmer stores the maize silage. The Sano Consultant also had a closer look at the body condition of the dairy cows and the digestibility of the ration. After the tour the farmer and Matijaš Miroslava developed a plan for the next 120 days.

The feed

The farmer use Meggi 35® for an excellent supply of the calves. The vitamin and substance combination of the product improves the resistance of the calves. The young cattle of the farm receive Primasan®. The different sources of magnesium ensure calm animals and improved growth. The cows also receive Protamilk® Complete. This product is for the preparation of the next lactation. It promotes the fertility of the cows and supports the health of the animals.

The cows receive maize silage ad libitum and hay about 1.5 kg per day and also between 8 and 10 kg of the ration; this is according to their performance.

Formulation of the ration

  1. Grain corn------------------- 40 %
  2. Barley------------------------ 10 %
  3. Oats-------------------------- 15 %
  4. Protamilk® Complete------ 35 %

The result

If you have a look back at the beginnings of the business you notice quickly that a lot has changed: The milk performance increased from 19 to 24 litres. Even the replacement reduce 10 %.

The future is looking good

Hasan Mehtić is very happy with the good results and the Sano Consultation. He is looking confident into the future: „The good consultation was very useful and helped me a lot with my business. My plan is to build a new barn with 52 dairy cows.“ Hasan Mehtić is satisfied with the results and is looking forward to a further co-operation with the Sano Consultant: „As long as I am in the dairy business I will always feed my cows with Sano”, reinforce the farmer his loyalty to Sano.


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