For dairy cows at very high performance levels

Product Features

  • A variety of magnesium sources to stabilise health and performance.
  • Vitamin K3 to strengthen the immune system and enhance blood production.
  • Vitamin C to improve resistance against infections and to protect calves through high-quality colostrum.
  • Choline chloride for optimal liver metabolism of the cow and to prevent fatty liver syndrome.
  • Niacin to enhance energy metabolism.
  • Biotin to promote fertility and for solid hooves.
  • Vitamin B complex for complete utilisation of the genetic potential.
  • Sulphur to protect the amino acid methionine.
  • Iodine to enhance productivity of the thyroid gland and to improve fertility.
  • Extremely high content of vitamin E and selenium to promote fertility and udder health.
  • Kerasan for solid hooves.
  • Mastitisan for a high performing udder.

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