SanAmmat Puddino®

Mash for suckling piglets

Product Features

  • The piglet mash SanAmmat Puddino® combines SanAmmat F® as piglet milk and Bonni-M® Forte as prestarter. Thus achieves an optimal training to solid food.
  • Tasty milk components increase feed intake
  • Stabilizers ensure long durability
  • Hydrolysed blood cells contain highly digestible amino acids and bioactive agents for high daily gains, optimal blood genesis and a good working immune system.
  • The special whey powder contains specific galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) that are indigestible in the small intestine of the piglet. These are food for the microorganisms in the big intestine and improve the growth of gut papillae.
  • GOS stimulate the piglet's immune system and prevent the proliferation of harmful germs such as E. coli and clostridia.
  • Minerals, trace elements, vitamins and active ingredients for good health and high daily gains
  • Probiotics and the amino acid glutamine for best intestinal health and safe digestion

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