Functional Supplement for high performance and strong hearts

Product Features

  • StabiloSan® is a special combination of a variety of vitamins and trace elements that strengthens the immune system and resistance of animals, especially in stressful situations and during phases of high physical demand. Minimizing animal losses due to infectious diseases and heart and circulatory disorders is the first objective.
  • StabiloSan® increases the amount of essential vitamins in blood, which supports the immune system and increases the amount of antioxidants. Cells, DNA and membranes are therefore protected against free radicals.
  • StabiloSan® strengthens the resistance and immunity of animals
  • StabiloSan® promotes the development of heart and back muscles and prevents the occurrence of heart attacks and the degeneration of back muscles. Meat quality and reduction of drip losses are also improved because fat is better protected against oxidation.
  • StabiloSan® supports the progress of the birth and reduces the occurrence of leg weakness syndrome in pigs.

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