DextroFat Protect®

Functional supplement for a long cow life

Product Features

DextroFat Protect® is a combination of rumen-protected sugars and fats for improving the energy balance of high performing cows.

  • DextroFat Protect® minimizes losses of body mass during the first third of the lactation, prevents metabolism disorders such as ketoses and improves fertility (cows with a negative energy balance cannot become pregnant).
  • During the second third of the lactation, DextroFat Protect® increases the fertility of cows and additionally increases the milk yield.
  • During the last period of lactation, DextroFat Protect® provides energy for reconstructing the optimal body condition and prepares the cows for the next lactation.


  • Rumen-protected sugar improves sugar nourishment in the small intestine
  • Rumen-protected fat increases the energy concentration in the ration

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