Sano Success Stories - Beef finisher Kobler

There is nothing more satisfying than the profession of a farmer

Beef finisher Kobler is more than happy with his profession

Why do we get up early every day? For Johann Kobler this is obvious: The passionate farmer has specialized in bull fattening together with his family. A continuous development is a very important factor for him. He has reached this goal for more than two years with the Sano Feeding Concept. The Result: A fattening phase which is a month shorter.

Status Quo

He took over the family business from his parents in 1985. Almost ten years later, he switched from milk production to a specialized bull fattening business. He is extremely passionate and manages the business together with his wife Maria and the children Maria and Hannes in Eggerding, Austria. “There is nothing more than the profession of a farmer”, Johann Kobler confesses. “I want to develop my business constantly”, continues the dedicated farmer. The last big step towards another stepping stone was the building of the new barn. It has space for 260 bulls and the opening was celebrated in a big style.

Agricultural Service Agency

Johann Kobler also decided to open a service agency as a second avenue. He offers different services like harvesting with a new machine and the chopping of corn. Farmer Kobler also offers snow-plowing services in the winter season.

Bedding out of Straw

Overall family Kobler fattens bulls on 300 sites, which are all reared on straw. He has got different cattle like for example Simmental and several crossbreeds with Belgian Blues, Charolais and Limousin. He buys the bulls with a weight of approximately 275 kg. Round about 70% come from suckler cow farms, the remaining 30% are bought from local milk producing farms. Since January 2013 Johann Kobler has been feeding the Sano Products and is very happy with the results. Johann Kobler reaches his goal with the help of the Sano Consultant Florian Schild: Higher daily gains and fewer losses.

The Feeding Concept

Most of the bulls come from suckler cow farms and pasture farms. During the first few weeks Kobler mainly feeds hay and a concentrated feed mixture with Meggi 10® (40% grain, 30% corn, 20% crushed soy extraction and 10% Meggi 10®). At the same time he slowly accustoms the bull to TMR. Furthermore, the bulls only receive field beans as protein feed.

The Result

Farmer Kobler is very happy with the results. “Since I have been feeding the Sano Products, I have been able to shorten the fattening period by a month – and at the same time fewer losses”, emphasizes Johann Kobler. “But the tranquility in the barn beats everything. I am satisfied with the Product MiproBull 250® in Big Bags as well as the service and guidance by Florian Schild“, continues the manager. Grass silages and hay which the farmer doesn’t feed are pressed into bales and then sold.