SUSan Lac®

Premix 4% with active ingredients for lactating sows

Product Features

  • AromiSchwein® increases feed intake
  • L-carnitine to stimulate the energy metabolism and to increase milk quantity and quality
  • Prebiotics to inactivate pathogenic bacteria and to support the immune system of sow and piglets
  • Probiotics which develop their full effect in the intestine to support the positive lactic acid producing flora and to stabilize intestinal health
  • An ideal combination of the essential amino acids lysine, methionine/cysteine and threonine to avoid protein excess
  • Sulphur components protect sulphur containing amino acids (methionine and threonine) and thus support milk production
  • Highly digestible mineral components such as monocalcium phosphate
  • Phytase for improved utilization of phosphorus, calcium, amino acids and trace elements and to
  • diminish the base excess of the feed
  • StabiloSan® to improve resistance and metabolic processes
  • Biotin and zinc to stabilize skin, joints and hooves
  • Fertisan® ensures good fertility

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