Multisan Nektar®

Sugar cocktail for rumen synchronisation and optimisation of rumen metabolism

Product Features

Multisan Nektar® is a cocktail of sugar components. Multisan Nektar® serves as a rapidly available energy source mainly for cellulolytic rumen microorganisms. Multisan Nektar® consists of a variety of different types of sugars, which promote different groups of bacteria and protozoa in the rumen.
The use of Multisan Nektar® is of special importance, if the starch-to-sugar ratio is too large (> 3 to 1). In case of an insufficient sugar content in the ration, fibre will be incompletely digested in the rumen. The suboptimal digestion of fibre can be seen in a high content of undigested fibre in the faeces and leads to a reduced milk fat content.


  • Cocktail of sugar components for rumen synchronisation and optimisation of the rumen metabolism.
  • Variety of different sugar components to enhance the activity of rumen microorganisms.

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