The reliable milk replacer for healthy calves

Product Features

  • Finely ground linseed prevents digestive disorders and protects the gut wall against harmful germs.
  • The substance SangroSan® for vital calves with a strong immune system and an optimal feed efficiency.
  • Probiotics for the regulation of the intestinal flora and elimination of pathogenic germs from the digestive tract.
  • Highly digestible milk protein and protein isolate.
  • Dextrose and lactose as rapidly available energy sources with anti-sucking effect.
  • Fine vegetable fat with a melting point below the body temperature for optimal digestion.
  • The balanced combination of vitamins and active substances strengthens the body`s defences and supports the metabolism.
  • The taste of Milsan® is adjusted to the taste of Milli M® and Meggi® calf-starter.
  • 23% crude protein from milk components and protein concentrate provide an optimal aminogram of high digestibility.

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